When will you be?

Peekya lets you meet men, women, or both, that share the same interests that you do, days weeks, or even months before you attend an event or go on a trip.

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What is Peekya?

Peekya is a new and innovative way to connect with people before you arrive at your event, or travel destination.

Have you ever been on a trip by yourself, or with a friend, and wished that you could connect with people of the same interests? Well now you can. Whether you're away on a business trip spending evenings alone in your hotel after your work day is done, whether you're on a ski trip with friends and wish to meet other interesting people to have fun with, or whether you're on a vacation as a couple, or even alone, and wish to meet others to explore the town, go diving, running, or simply enjoying the night life together. Together we can do just that.

Imagine an app that lets you meet men, women, or both that share the same interests that you do days or even months before you attend an event of go on a trip. It's like taking a peek into the future and being able to see who will be where, when, and connecting and planning ahead.


Peekya is built to the highest standards of mobile technology and includes many outstanding features.

  • Simple Sign Up

    Manually register in the Peekya app by filling out a short form, or simply sign in with your existing Facebook account.

  • Custom Matchmaking

    Simply choose your destination and time frame, pick the gender and desired age range of the person, or people, tha you'd like to meet.

  • Push Notifications

    Peekya will notify you when a new person, or group, is interested in your activity or event.

  • Real People

    The team at Peekya is dedicated to providing a spam and bot free experience.